Orphan Papers

Documenta 6

A Catwalk

505 The complete series of Boabooks artists’ notepads

The Liberated Page

A Metaphysical Interior

Together with Boabooks

Pierre Schwerzmann

Blank Book Makers

Blank Book Makers

Art Rite no.16

Various Small Meals

Anonymous Engravings on Ecstasy Pills

Izet Sheshivari runs the publishing house Boabooks. He works with artists and institutions to design and publish books. He has established The Liberated Page a network of artist book enthusiasts and is currently undertaking research on further publications and installations, mainly on artists’ printed matter. If you like to know more visit the Boabooks website and ask for our books in a library or a bookstore.

I welcome enquiries.
Please write an email or a letter.

Izet Sheshivari
Rue Royaume 12
CH–1201 Geneva