Izet Sheshivari runs the publishing house Boabooks based in Switzerland. He collaborates with artists to design and publish artist books, and occasionally catalogues or textbooks. www.boabooks.com

978-2-940409-59-4 A Metaphysical Interior
“A Metaphysical Interior” is the title of the book that was published on a proposal from Luca Lo Pinto during the exhibition “D’après Giorgio”, which was held at the Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico from 27th January 2012 to 27th January 2013. Housed in the House Museum at 31 Piazza di Spagna in Rome, the exhibition brought together works by the following artists: Alek O., Darren Bader, Nina Beier, Carola Bonfili, Benny Chirico, Patrizio Di Massimo, Giulio Frigo, Julia Frommel, Martino Gamper, Paul Armand Gette, Nicolas Hatfull, Isola & Norzi, Tobias Madison & Kaspar Mueller, Marcello Maloberti, Carlo Mollino, Momus, Olaf Nicolai, Henrik Olesen, Nicola Pecoraro, Emilio Prini, Dan Rees, Alexandre Singh, John Stezaker, Luca Trevisani, Luca Vitone, and Raphael Zarka. The book presents the result of a correspondence protocol suggested by Izet Sheshivari at the curator’s invitation. After receiving and printing the 214 illustrations sent by the artist, Luca Lo Pinto arranged the pictures within the museum space, and documented them in situ. Featuring captions, the book provides “augmented” perspectives from a visit of Giorgio de Chirico’s flat. Page after page, the book generates an ever-changing relationship between the meaning of a flat interior design and the remote discovery of works by contemporary artists.

978-2-940409-02-0 Anonymous Engravings on Ecstasy Pills
The engravings reproduce in “Anonymous Engravings on Ecstasy Pills” were designed by unknown people who abandoned them. In this book of drawings, Frédéric Post offers a piece of research worthy of a modern-times archaeologist. He collected and re-created these figures, conferring thus value to an underground iconography of over 500 signs. The classification of the drawings into three groups (figures, typography, symbols) was carried out with Izet Sheshivari, in remembrance of the work of Hans Rudolf Lutz. This collection shows elements of a visual folklore that hints at popular figures. Made possible with the support of the Fonds d’art contemporain de la Ville de Genève (Fmac) and Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture.

978-2-940409-56-3 Blank Book Makers
This catalogue is meant to address the latest developments in artists' book history. An amazing corpus of new works makes up a most dynamic overview. There are many books dealing with the topics such as emptiness, space, or the very substance of pages, and we deemed it necessary to look at the influence of books that have been published in neighboring fields to that of the artist's book or book-works publications, in order for us to better define our investigation for the “Blank Book Makers, In Memoriam Michael Gibbs” www.theliberatedpage.com exhibit set up by Izet Sheshivari at Fonderie Kugler, Geneva from the 2nd to the 17 June 2012. This project was made possible by the support of the City of Geneva and the Loterie Romande.

978-2-940409-23-5 Pierre Schwerzmann
Pierre Schwerzmann extends the lexicon of minimal painting beyond the boundaries of the visible and of the canvas. The differently sized pages of this artist’s book generate strong iconographic and rhythmic ellipses. Each section provides clues for exploring a complex system that governs the artist’s body of work. Essays by artist Thomas Huber and by Marco Costantini, as well as an interview with Catherine Othenin-Girard, tune in as several voices to the book. Reproductions of exhibition pictures provide an indication of the structural challenge taken on by the artist and his painting, as well as his experimenting with boundaries, which are reflected in this book. This books is supported by Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture for his translation and his made with the support of the city of Nyon, Fondation pour les Arts et la Culture Nyon, and Canton de Vaud. Awarded by the jury of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2013.

978-2-940409-50-1 Post Vinyle
"Miracol" is the name of pirate records label of the Swiss artist Frédéric Post. With the participation of numerous composers, he relases single or multiple copies of picture disc homemade with glued. The idea of the artist is related to the speculation on the limited duration of his fragil and authentic product. The layout of the sleeve design during the production of this reverse records intend his work into a reseach in contrast of the main marketing idea of the records industrie, affecting most of the time not only the design but also the sounds of the musicians.

978-2-940409-64-8 The Artist's Palette Alphabet
Susan Hiller has compiled a postcard alphabet from her ongoing project “Homage to Man Ray”. With reference to her first book “Rough Sea” (1976) this compilation allows the reader to rediscover and reuse an archetypal form of collective memory. The images in “The Artist’s Palette Postcard Alphabet” may be sent as postcards, the book subsequently become again a fragmented memories.

978-2-940409-68-6 Various Small Meals
“Various Small Meals and Roses” is a reappropriation of Ed Rusha’s “Various Small Fires and Milk”, adding to the many remakes published over the last four decades. The book was part of an eponymous installation that was presented in La Spezia, and was inspired by one of the many staged arrangements that Ed Rusha made from his books, a tribute that combined photography with cooking improvisation.

978-2-940409-25-9 Sans titre
Can the cult of napping, as well as dreams, be depicted in an image? Izet Sheshivari’s close shots of unconscious bodies, while crossing the Adriatic Sea, reveal an ambivalent perception, halfway between grace and anxiety.

978-2-940409-83-9 200 Memories
978-2-940409-57-0 Art-Rite
978-2-940409-71-6 Cent titre sans Sans titre
978-2-940409-74-7 Dérives urbaines
978-2-940409-26-6 The Fog is a Light Darkness
978-2-940409-60-0 The Hacker Grail
978-2-940409-94-5 In alphabetical order
978-2-940409-70-9 Laurence Whitfield
978-2-940409-48-8 Les livres dont vous n'êtes pas le héros.
978-2-940409-52-8 Macadam Cowboy
978-2-940409-76-1 Renovieren
978-2-940409-73-0 Spooool
978-2-940409-69-3 Taxi Dirty Book
978-2-940409-67-9 Twelve Tapestries